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Green Clean

Summer strategies for a comfortable office

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning’s dedicated staff are keeping your space clean… how can you keep it comfortable in the warmer weather and still be kind to the environment? 1. Programmable thermostats. Programming your office temperature to begin cooling an hour before employees start to the end of the day will save energy and maintain the office…

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Green Seal Certified, Local Focus

Green Seal Certified logo

Your work environment is important to you and to your employees, co-workers and clients. It’s of utmost importance to us, which is why we at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning are Green Seal Certified. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a leader in eco-friendly cleaning. Ask us about our Green Seal Certification. We use non-toxic products and efficient, effective…

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Employee Stuart Langley Thorough, Efficient

We are proud to introduce featured employee Stuart Langley. As a dedicated Project Technician, Stuart’s thorough, efficient and thoughtful work habits bring a lot of value to the ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning team. Whether he is washing windows, burnishing floors, cleaning carpets or performing other special projects for our valued clients, Stuart is extremely detail-oriented and…

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Keep Allergens from Taking Over Your Office

Summer is in full bloom and so is allergy season. With another harsh allergy season underway, taking measures to reduce allergens in your workplace is more important than ever. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has six recommendations for improving indoor air quality and reducing allergy symptoms: Control dust mites. Keep surfaces clean and…

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The Restroom: Where Cleanliness Matters

Have you ever wondered exactly how your cleaning company cleans restrooms- the one place everyone demands cleanliness? ServiceMaster Clean technicians are trained on Capture and Removal Cleaning, a patented system that includes detailed procedures for cleaning including products, equipment and techniques. For example, that system uses color-coordinated microfiber towels to ensure the color assigned for…

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Who’s Cleaning Your Office?

Most offices are cleaned after business hours, when staff and customers are gone. Giving your office keys and security codes to a cleaning company is nerve-wracking. Here are five steps you can take to help ensure your belongings and data are secure: 1. Ask what measures the cleaning company takes to ensure the safety and…

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