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ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning - Eugene, Springfield, Lane County
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Capture and Removal Cleaning

Green Seal Certified, Local Focus

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Your work environment is important to you and to your employees, co-workers and clients. It’s of utmost importance to us, which is why we at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning are Green Seal Certified. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a leader in eco-friendly cleaning. Ask us about our Green Seal Certification. We use non-toxic products and efficient, effective…

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The Restroom: Where Cleanliness Matters

Have you ever wondered exactly how your cleaning company cleans restrooms- the one place everyone demands cleanliness? ServiceMaster Clean technicians are trained on Capture and Removal Cleaning, a patented system that includes detailed procedures for cleaning including products, equipment and techniques. For example, that system uses color-coordinated microfiber towels to ensure the color assigned for…

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