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Archive for May 2015

Help Us Help You

Is your desk covered in piles of paperwork, files and reports? Many of us are inundated at work, and organizing our desks is not a priority. However, if you know your office is scheduled to be cleaned, we urge you to clear enough area on and around your desk in order for your janitor to…

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A Closer Look at What’s in Dust

  The dust that settles on office furnishings may seem insignificant, unless you know what it’s actually made of. Particles from the indoors and outdoors combine to form what we see as dust. Indoor particles include skin cells (humans lose 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute) and fiber from carpet, furniture and clothes.…

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Is In-House Cleaning Good Enough?

Often when a business needs to cut costs, janitorial services are one of the first things to go. When this occurs, companies perform the cleaning duties in-house by either appointing one employee to do the additional tasks, hiring an employee to perform the cleaning or asking everyone in the office to pitch in. Any of…

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